Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra – 3D Scan

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra NEW Home in all its glory!

In the spring of 2021 as the pandemic was waning, people were starting to renew their lives and the MSO was ready to burst back on the music scene to bringing music back to the people of Milwaukee in their totally renovated home Bradley Symphony Center!!!

The Bradley Symphony Center was previously the Warner Brothers Movie house named the “Warner Grand Theater” built in the 1930’s. In the 30’s the movie makers built and owned their theaters and Milwaukee was fortunate to have one of the most beautiful theaters in the country. In and of itself it was a work of art with craftsmanship and artistry a plenty.

As time marched on the old theater approach went by the wayside and the Warner Theater was sold and fell from its days of glory in the 70’s and 80’s. Along the way the Marcus corporation purchased the property and recognized the building for what it was a piece of irreplaceable Art. Even though vacant from 1995-2017 Marcus maintained and heated the property which saved it form irreversible damage.

In the late 2017 the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra foundation acquired the spectacular “one of a kind” property for their permanent concert hall. After 90 million  dollars in renovation and construction expenditure, years of work and one very long pandemic the MSO home was opened to the public in 2022!

To showcase the MSO facility BPI Color was contracted by MSO to 3D Scan the entire completely renovated and restored facility as a way for the public to tour and “Walk Through” the entire space to view every special nook and cranny in all its grandeur. This 3D image, which is to scale, provides the opportunity for viewers to consider seating options, accessibility, restroom locations as well as the chance to explore the buildings artistry floor to ceiling, front to back. We also added links to the image for maintenance and feature identification purposes.

Start to finish BPI positioned to capture nearly 900 individual scans. To complete the work we stitched the 3D images together to create the amazing Walk Through that is now used by the public and in MSO marketing promotions.

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