Celebrating Women Trailblazers in the Construction Industry

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For over seven decades, BPI Color has been a loyal companion to the construction industry by supporting their printing needs in many way from signage, printing, to on-site printers. But while the bricks, cement, and steel have their significance, it’s the people behind the projects that truly inspire us. Over the years, we’ve had the honor of meeting and working with many exceptional women in the industry. Their resilience, tenacity, and innovative spirit have left an indelible mark on us.

It brings us immense joy to see The Daily Reporter shine a spotlight on these industrious women through their annual Women in Construction Awards. Each year, they honor 50 pioneering women who have not just excelled in their roles but have also paved the way for others in an industry where they make up a mere 10% of the workforce.

Whether she’s spearheading projects on construction sites or playing a pivotal role in marketing, law, communications, engineering, architecture, or executive positions, each one of these women has a unique story of determination and grit. They’re breaking the mold, challenging conventions, and, yes, shattering those proverbial glass ceilings in a sector that hasn’t always been the most welcoming to diversity.

This year’s sixth annual Women in Construction Awards and networking event took place at Discovery World in downtown Milwaukee. It was a grand celebration of 50 such trailblazing women. If you happen to know or encounter any of these phenomenal women, do tip your hat to their achievements.

For those interested in diving deeper into their inspiring journeys, BPI Color has curated a special playlist on our YouTube Channel. Each story is a testament to perseverance, ambition, and sheer willpower.

The construction industry might have its challenges when it comes to diversity, but with the efforts of these incredible women and platforms like The Daily Reporter that recognize their efforts, the future looks brighter and more inclusive.

To learn more about the 2023 Women in Construction honorees, check out the full coverage by The Daily Reporter.




2023 Women in Construction Award Winners

Dorothy Snow, Altius Building Company

Kate Olson, Boldt

Andrea Bukacek, Bukacek Construction Group

Heidi Jutrzonka, Common Links Construction

Julia Randles, Corporate Contractors Inc.

Melanie Mussey, Corporate Contractors Inc.

Jen Froh, Doral Corp.

Sharon Hulce, Employment Resource Group

Nakiah Hokanson, Findorff

Jenna Gruter, Findorff

Jessica Grensavitch, Findorff

Adrienne Caron, Gilbane Building Company

Mady Less, Gilbane Building Company

Alex Motl, GRAEF

Maureen Carlson, Greenfire Management

Simmi Urbanek, Greenfire Management

Amanda Kohlbeck, H.J. Martin & Son

Stacy Harris, Hess Sweitzer

Cheyenne Brandt, Brandt LLC

Toni Keegan, HNTB Corp.

Amy Griffin, Hooper Corp.

Caryn Rader, Hooper Corp.

Jessica Lazo Figueroa, Hooper Corp.

Jody Owens, Hunzinger

Ammu Kuricheti, IBEW Local 159

Carol Grundahl, IBEW Local 159

Jennifer Essex, J.F. Ahern

Amber Weissmann, JP Cullen

Melinda Pogwizd, Kahler Slater

Megan MacLaughlin-Barck, Larson Construction Company

Aleana Tucholka, Local 19

Annie Weidert, Mead & Hunt

Amy Pitcher, Miron

Jessica Rabbach, Mortenson

Kathleen Vanderstappen, Mortenson

Danielle Stamborski, Mortenson

Sara Gulotta, Postorino Construction Finishes

Jennifer Starr, raSmith

Chloe Slaven, Riley Construction

Shannon Drezek, Schumacher Elevator Company

Kaylah Antczak, Selzer-Ornst

Lindsey Yoder, Sign Art Studio

Dena Gullickson, Stevens Construction Corp.

Lori Walter, Tri-North Builders

Katie Miller, Tri-North Builders

Sitlalic Aguilar, VJS Construction

Katherine Erwin, Walbec Group

Kayla Freund, Walbec Group

Christy Babcock, Walbec Group

Amy Hacker, White Buffalo Trucking