Equipment Solutions Provider You Can Count On

Rick Thomas | Milwaukee School of Engineering

Total Collaboration on Graphics Installation and Fabrication

Mike Parnon | President, BrandPoint Design

Value Added Partnership. Graphics & CPC Services

Rebecca Prochaska | Marketing/Business Development, Potter Lawson

CPC: BPI is the type of company that will take the time to Understand Your Business

Kimberly | Applewood Drywall

Total Solutions Provider: Graphics & Printing Equipment

Bill Siebers | Owner, Siebers Inc.

Project Closeout has Improved Customer Relations

Scott Lowell | President, Lowell Custom Homes

CPC: The Equipment & Service is Very Reliable

Michael Amador | IMEG

CPC: Phenomenal Customer Service

Angie Biel | WDS Construction

Graphics Pricing is Not our only Determining Factor

Amanda Marek | Manager Marketing & Graphics, Irgens

CPC: Flexible for Our Needs

Mark Chapman | Document Control Coordinator, Realtime Utility Engineers

CPC: Pricing through Bundling has Value

Tom Witte | COO, Zimmerman Architectural Studios

CPC: They Listen to their Customer

Mayur Ragha | IT Manager, Horizon Construction Group

CPC: We Know they Stand behind the Equipment

Joe Stadelman | President, Angus Young Associates

Extraordinary Responsiveness & Graphics Fabrication Knowledge

Dirk Stallman | Marketing Director, Steinhafels

CPC: They take care of Us

Pat Ford | President, Matsen Ford Design

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Dave "Koz" Koscielniak | President, Koz-i-tec-ture

CPC: Supports Multiple Locations. A Trusted Partner.

Tom Koch | PRA - Plunkett Raysich Architects

We were able to Enhance our Customer Services

David Dickleman | Manager of Marketing and Merchandising, Fox Brothers Piggly Wiggly

CPC: Their Staff are Trusted Experts

Peter Ogorek | President, Perspective Design

Graphics Design, Installation & Deadlines. Exceeded Expectations.

Cody Statz | Hooper Corporation

Customer Service is so Important and Received

Jake Hollar | Generation Construction

CPC: Expert Recommendations that Translate to Our Workflow

Todd Eckert | Applewood Drywall

One Place to Get Consistent Quality, Craftsmanship and Delivery. Total Solutions Provider.

Heather Manke | Marketing Manager, Vogel Brothers Building Company

Xerox: It was an Easy decision to bring them in

Joe Stadelman | President, Angus Young

Xerox: They made life Easy for me where they Could

Bill Siebers | President, Siebers Group
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