Closeout Docs

The easiest and fastest way to collect, organize, digitally index and deliver a construction project closeout deliverable via thumb drive or mobile device.

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    Are you using elaborate Project Management

    software like Procore, CIMC or Building Connected?

    Closeout Docs is the perfect Construction Project Closeout solution to produce your Deliverable and attach it to your client portal. Make life easier for facility management.


    CMIC Building Connected PROCORE


    Upgrade your closeout book with BPI Color


    Closeout Docs eliminates the need for:

    Updates to spreadsheets to track subs uploading of their required documents

    Cumbersome email follow ups to subs for owed items

    Manual reporting of contractor progress in a single spreadsheet

    You do not need to be at a desk or computer

    Manual scanning

    Additional hardcopy or electronic media

    Take the headache out of close out to keep facility owners and teams happy!


    BPI Color
    BPI Color
    BPI Color
    BPI Color