7 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Rush: A Practical Guide for Businesses

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As summer turns to autumn and the holiday season looms ever closer, it’s crucial for businesses to start preparing now.  Taking proactive steps now can give you a competitive edge and ensure a smooth and successful holiday season. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why early preparation is key and we’ll give you seven straight forward strategies to get and stay ahead of the holiday rush.

Why Start Preparing Now?

The holiday season is one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year for many businesses. It’s important to take into consideration what your customer demands and needs are. If you’re not in the retail sector, you can take this time to prepare for sending out holiday greetings, invitations to holiday celebrations, and other events you may be hosting.

The Benefits of Early Preparation

Rather than waiting until the last minute to scramble and react to the holiday rush, being prepared ahead of time offers numerous advantages. Planning campaigns can be time-consuming, and the more you’re trying to beat the clock, the more stress you and your team may experience. Getting an early start will allow you to distribute the workloads effectively. In return, your customers will have an improved experience by being informed and receiving compelling offers and/or have ample time to plan around any events you may be hosting.

Popular Promotion Strategies for the Holiday Season

The holiday season presents an opportune time to launch promotions that entice and engage customers.

Some popular strategies include:


Discount codes and coupons
Offer attractive discounts and exclusive deals to incentivize purchases and create a sense of urgency.

Gift with purchase
Encourage customers by offering complimentary gifts alongside their purchases, boosting customer value and loyalty.

Holiday bundles
Create bundled packages that offer multiple products or services at a discounted price, appealing to customers seeking convenient gift options.

7 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

The holiday season can swiftly turn from festive to frenetic, especially for businesses. As the year winds down, ensuring your print and other holiday materials are in order can save a lot of last-minute hassle.

Here’s a straightforward checklist to help you navigate the rush:

Plan & Have a Clear Timeline

Start by marking essential dates on your calendar and stick to it. From holiday parties to year-end sales, having a clear timeline helps prioritize tasks and set milestones.

Inventory Check
Assess your current stock of business cards, brochures, and other frequently-used print materials.

Brainstorm & Design
Set aside some time with your team to brainstorm fresh ideas for holiday-themed promotional materials, be it postcards, banners, or gift vouchers. Early conceptualization allows ample time for revisions.

Finalize Your Mailing List
If you’re planning to send out holiday cards or promotional materials, ensure your mailing list is updated. Remove outdated addresses and add new contacts.

Consider Environmentally Friendly Options
Sustainable printing has been gaining traction. Opting for recycled paper or eco-friendly inks not only reduces environmental impact but also resonates well with a growing eco-conscious audience.

Proofreading is Key
Before going to print, double (or triple) check all content. Small typos or outdated information can make a big difference in how your business is perceived.

Collaborate with Your Printer
Instead of just placing an order, engage in a conversation with your printing partner. They might offer insights or suggestions on materials, finishes, or design tweaks that can enhance your materials’ effectiveness and appeal.

Remember, preparation is the key and we can’t stress that enough. We also recommend that if you’re planning now, to continue to plan in the future year-round. We recommend planning your campaigns by the quarter and try to get a quarter ahead of yourself. Most of all, stay consistent. Marketing is a marathon, not a race.

BPI Current Promotions

In light of the holiday season, we want to make sure that our clients are aware of our current promotions. For the 2023 holiday season, from October thru December we will be featuring special promotions that are geared to help you get ahead of the holiday season.

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