ARCHtober: Tony Evers Declares October as Architectural Awareness Month

Background of Milwaukee's city on Lake Michigan

Celebrating Archtober: Recognizing the Importance of Architecture in Our Communities

We’ve been serving the architectural industry since 1956 and are elated that Governor Tony Evers has officially proclaimed October 2023 as Architecture Awareness month in partnership with the Department of Safety and Professional Services and AIA Wisconsin.

Recognizing Architecture’s Role

Architecture plays a multifaceted role in everyday life, making things easier and more convenient for individuals and communities. From providing shelter and safety to optimizing functionality and efficiency, architectural design contributes to enhancing our daily experiences. It integrates sustainable practices to reduce environmental impact, promotes healthy living through elements that prioritize well-being, and fosters a sense of community and cultural identity. By creating spaces that are accessible, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing, architecture enriches our lives, making them more comfortable, productive, and enjoyable.

ARCHtoberfest and Architectural Awareness

ARCHtoberfest, as branded by AIA Wisconsin, provides Wisconsin residents with opportunities to explore, appreciate, and engage with the built environment around them. Throughout the month of October, various events and activities will take place to promote architectural awareness and education across the state.

Celebrating the Importance of Architecture

Archtober is a time to celebrate the significance of architecture and good design in our communities. It underscores the importance of recognizing the talented architects who contribute to the built environment. As ARCHtobe unfolds, let us never overlook the transformative power of architecture in shaping our lives and the communities we inhabit. Through ARCHtoberfest, we encourage everyone to engage with the built environment, learn more about architectural design, and appreciate the beauty of the structures that surround us. As a printing company that serves architects, we are proud to support ARCHtober and the architectural community as a whole.

Attend an ARCHtober Fest Event

During the month of October there will be a plethora of activities across the state of Wisconsin to celebrate and engage in ARCHtober. You can visit the AIA website’s page to register for one of their many events.

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