From Basement to Friends Fur-Ever

From Basement to Friends Fur-ever

Original Video Source – Milkwaukee Tonight

In a heartwarming display of compassion and dedication, BPI’s own, Vicky Van Lare, has transformed her basement into a free pet food pantry, making a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of pets and their families with her non-profit Roxzy’s Resources and Awareness. The organization’s namesake, Roxz, is a testament to Van Lare’s deep passion for animals, especially pitbull-type dogs.

Recognizing the challenges faced by pet owners, Van Lare aims to prevent families from having to give up their beloved pets due to behavioral issues or financial constraints. By providing much-needed resources and support, she helps keep animals out of shelters where euthanization rates are unfortunately high.

Roxz’s serves three primary goals: offering free pet food and supplies, educating the public on responsible pet ownership practices like spaying and neutering, and working towards destigmatizing pitbull breeds. 


Public events called Community Feeds are also organized periodically, where anyone can access food and supplies for their pets. Van Lare’s commitment extends beyond just providing essentials; she envisions expanding the charity in the future to offer a more permanent space and additional services. While Roxz’s continues to grow, Vicky’s basement and garage are stocked with a variety of items, ranging from food and supplies to toys, brushes, and cleaning products.

The impact of Van Lare’s initiative goes beyond just providing pet supplies; it underscores the power of compassion and community support in changing the lives of pets and their owners for the better.

To stay updated on donations, drop-off locations, community events, and volunteer opportunities with Roxz’s Resource and Awareness, interested individuals can follow the organization on Facebook.

Families and pets in need are invited to reach out for assistance via Facebook, Instagram, or email to arrange for a no-question-asked appointment to pick up or drop off supplies.

By helping this initiative, either through direct action or donations, individuals contribute to a broader effort that not only supports animal welfare but also fortifies the bond within the community during tough times.


Vicky Van Lare and her organization exemplify true community spirit by securing vital resources for those in need and crafting events that bring people together in support of one another and their furry family members. As we witness the incredible work being done by Vicky Van Lare in Milwaukee, let it serve as a reminder of the difference one person’s kindness and dedication can make in the lives of others, both human and animal alike.