From Tools to Transformations: Celebrating Volunteers in the Construction Industry to Revitalize Milwaukee

Close-up of a man using a jig saw to cut wood

Milwaukee recently witnessed an inspiring display of gratitude and community impact as nonprofit organization Revitalize Milwaukee, in collaboration with over 650 volunteers, transformed the Muskego Way neighborhood. This extraordinary endeavor, led by architects, engineers, and construction professionals, aimed to revitalize 18 homes through valuable repairs, all provided free of charge.

The collective effort of these skilled individuals resulted in significant transformations. With a shared vision of creating safe and comfortable living spaces, the volunteers expertly installed new bathrooms and kitchens, replaced porches, and precisely removed cracked paint. These repairs, valued at approximately $500,000, made a positive impact on the lives of local homeowners and strengthened the fabric of the community.

The Block Build 2023 project showcased the unwavering commitment of architects, engineers, and construction professionals to their community. Throughout the event, these dedicated individuals worked tirelessly for less than 48 hours, showcasing their passion for their craft and the people they serve. Such generosity and expertise were made possible through the invaluable support and collaboration of sponsors such as Home Depot, Milwaukee Tools, Northwestern Mutual, and others.

This remarkable initiative, driven by volunteers who generously shared their skills and expertise, exemplifies the gratitude we owe to professionals in the architectural, engineering, and construction industry. Their unwavering dedication enriches our communities, one home at a time. Their collective efforts remind us all of the power we possess when we come together to create a better world.

We’d also like to make our own honorable mention to generous local Wisconsin businesses who were some of the largest sponsors of the event. Some of them we are proud to serve as our clients.

Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Findorff, Berghammer Construction Corporation, Bob Anderson Builders, Milwaukee Tools