InkJet Media – Print Signage on Your Plotter

BPI is doing our part to keep safe during coronavirus

We asked the BPI COLOR Production Team what they would use if they had an InkJet plotter and needed to be able to print their own signs. This is what they came up with!

Peel & Stick Repositionable Media

What does it do? Sticks to most surfaces and can be removed and repositioned! Basically, it allows you to print BIG stickers.

What is it good for? We think it’s ideal for sticking to walls and windows! The ease of use of this product makes it a worthwhile investment if you need to print a message. Think of all the COVID-19 signage going up. Print your own in a matter of minutes.

How much is it? $257 for a roll that is 24” wide by 100’ long. That’s 50 posters if they were 24”x24” at a cost of about $5 each.


Scratch & Water Resistant 15 mil Scrim Vinyl

What does it do? A not too thick, not too thin vinyl banner material. It’s easy to punch holes through and is tear and scratch resistant.

What is it good for? Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Remember to make sure you know whether your plotter has “outdoor inks”. If not, your ink will bleed from water exposure or fade from sun.

How much is it? $99 for a roll that is 24” wide by 100’ long. That’s 25 banners if they were 2’x4’ at a cost of about $4 each.

Have questions? Want to order a roll? Need to know more about your plotter? Want a plotter? Need other media types? Contact Us today!