Having fun with life-size cutouts

A while back, BPI Color was asked to create a series of life-size custom cutouts for Eppstein Uhen Architects to use at a party in recognition & celebration of John Miceli’s career and accomplishments. The custom printing and cutting capabilities we have makes projects like these more feasible than just a few years ago. We have the technology, equipment and skills to cut any shape out of multiple substrates and the possibilities are just about limitless. If you can imagine it, we will find a way to get it produced.

The four cutouts were all 72” or larger, printed on 3/16” foam core and custom cut on the Zund cutter using a router bit.

The entire team at Eppstein Uhen really had some fun with the cutouts concept for John’s soiree and it made a perfect venue these for life-size cutouts. The combination of a little client imagination, a sense of humor and the crew in the BPI Color lab resulted in great decorations for the celebration.