Coakley Brothers Milwaukee Bucks Fleet Graphics

Advertising wrap

Our customer, Coakley Brothers, had a need for a branding wrap for three (3) heavy duty 26’ box trucks with graphics installed on all sides of each vehicle’s cargo box. Because of the nature of the Coakley Brothers business, which focuses primarily on commercial business moving & storage, these specific vehicles were fortified with heavy duty cargo E-track systems to ensure the safe & secure transportation of all their clients’ office contents.

These cargo E-track systems require a high number of large rivets to ensure the stability and securing of the contents. A significant number of large rivets on the cargo box exterior pose a challenge for vehicle wraps that must be carefully addressed since they can over stretch and distort the graphics on a vinyl wrap.

Vehicle wrap installations have multiple steps and BPI Color worked quickly to keep the Coakley Brothers fleet on the road. On each scheduled wrap date a customer truck was dropped off at BPI at 4:00 PM. The vehicle was cleaned, prepped and allowed to acclimate to the appropriate & proper temperature inside BPI’s 96′ truck bay. The actual installation commenced shortly thereafter.

Once each truck was completed an overall quality inspection was conducted to ensure all the craftsmanship, graphics and material met the BPI Color standards. Finally, once completed, BPI delivered each truck back to the customer truck yard before 6:00 AM the following morning. Each truck’s total timeframe for completion at the BPI facility was an aggressive 14 hours. Considering 440 square feet of graphics and vinyl had to be installed while maintaining BPI’s high standard of quality and still meeting the business requirements of the customer, this was an accomplishment the BPI team took great pride in.