Wall Graphic project is almost 90 feet long

BPI Color recently completed a large wall graphic project for Great Lakes in Madison

The wall measured 89.5 feet long and just under 9 feet tall and was completely covered in a graphic that was produced and installed by BPI Color. The Great Lakes project is a perfect example of a good design, good production and a professional installation all coming together to transform a hallway into a statement. Take a moment to watch the time lapse of the installation. The actual installation took slightly longer than the :20 video but the project turned out great.

In fact, the Great Lakes 50th Anniversary Wall project was recognized with a 2017 Gold Addy Award forĀ Out-Of-Home, Ambient Media, Single Installation. We are excited to have been a part of the team and happy that this wonderful project was recognized for excellence in its design and execution.

BPI Color

Great Lakes, located in Madison, is an affiliated group of companies that has focused on college access, college completion, and successful student loan repayment for 50 years.