The Beginning of a New Era at BPI Color

Clint Tornow (new owner) holding a key with Steve Mueller former President and Pat Feely former VP of Operations at BPI Color.


BPI Logo over a wave of rainbow colorsENDURING EXCELLENCE

BPI Color’s Legacy Will Continue Under New Ownership


As you know, Steve and Pat have been at the helm of BPI for more than 30 years. They’ve built a company that has become an industry leader in its field, and they’re proud of what we have accomplished together as a team. It is important to both of them to communicate their gratitude to you as a customer and inform you of some very important news regarding BPI Color’s Future.


Rising to the Ranks of Ownership

Long-time Employee Takes on Ownership to Build on BPI’s Long-Standing Legacy


Clint Tornow (new owner) holding a key with Steve Mueller former President and Pat Feely former VP of Operations at BPI Color.

Steve Mueller & Pat Feely
Handing the Keys to
New Owner & President Clint Tornow


A Personal Message to Our Clients from

Steve Mueller & Pat Feely


Dear Valued Customers,

Because of your importance, loyalty, graciousness, partnership, and commitment to our current and past relationship we wanted to share some extremely positive news.  Always remember that BPI Color has and will continue to view you and all our valued customers as the sole reason we have been successful.

We are very excited to announce that one of our long-time employees, Clint Tornow, has purchased BPI Color from Steve and Pat as we both transition into retirement. We are confident that this change in ownership will be positive for everyone involved, especially our loyal customers.

Clint has been an integral part of our team for 15 years and has a deep understanding of our business, our employees, and our customers. We believe that his passion for our company and our customers will ensure that our standards of excellence and quality will continue to be met and exceeded.

For our customers, this means that you can expect and be assured of the same high level of service and products that you have come to know and trust. Our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, quality products, and a personalized experience will remain unchanged. In fact, with Clint at the helm, we believe that BPI will be even better equipped to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

For Steve and Pat, this is a chance to pass the baton to someone who knows the company inside and out, the strengths of our employees and who shares our vision for the future of the business. We can confidently retire knowing that BPI Color, a 67 year old company that we grew for over 30 years, will be in good hands, and that our legacy will be continued.

Finally, for Clint, this is an incredible opportunity to take his passion for our company, our valued employees, and our customers to the next level. We are thrilled to see what he will accomplish as the new owner of our business, and we are confident that he will lead us to even greater success.

We want to thank you, our great customers for your continued loyalty and support, and the entire BPI team looks forward to serving you for many years to come under Clint’s leadership.



Steve Mueller & Pat Feely