Big Banners Require Big Installation Expertise

BPI Color was recently asked to produce and install a 15’x25′ promotional site sign on the side of a future Wisconsin Athletic Club location in Brookfield.

To ensure this installation was up to the BPI Color quality standards that our clients deserve, the process required considerable planning and more than a couple of grommets and twine. It was important that in the planning phase we addressed that while the site sign hangs flat, it is well anchored and securely mounted for all weather conditions. For this specific project, the existing building will be undergoing renovations to become the latest addition of the Wisconsin Athletic Club sometime during the summer of 2016. For optimum visibility, the ideal placement of the banner meant that two existing lights needed to be removed by the installation team. Using a telescopic lift truck, the building’s surface area was prepared and made free of all obstructions.

Then 6 heavy duty angle brackets were installed along the top, starting 18” from the left corner of the building and spaced 54” apart. To hang the 25’ sign, BPI Color employees inserted poles into the customized top and bottom pockets.

Next, the bundled banner was hoisted and hung on the 6 angle brackets working from the middle out, then back across. The banner was then ready for unfurling.

Multiple securing brackets were added on either side of the sign and J-hooks were used to stretch the 375 square feet of material to make it taught, flat and secure.

After a few hours in the snow, wind and cold, along with a few hot coffee breaks, the bottom of the banner was finally secured and another successful install was complete.

The entire BPI Color installation team, in this case Perry and Mike, takes great pride in our attention to detail, professionalism, safety and planning for every installation project. This allows BPI to meet all expectations and ensure the satisfaction of the customer.